Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Using Vouchers

I've been doing some saving at Tesco lately that I'm really thrilled about. First I joined and received a club points card. Good move on my part. They've started sending me vouchers that are hand chosen (well, I'm sure it's computer chosen) for me. They send vouchers for money off or extra points for products I use often. I like that.

Last week my favourite crisps went on offer: Walkers Sensations - 99p a bag. They are usually £1.89 a bag. Tesco had sent me a voucher for £1 off if I bought two. So I saved the voucher for a while until the crisps went on offer last week. I bought two bags for 98p - each were 99p but with my £1 off voucher they only cost me the mere 98p. What a great savings! I normally never buy them anymore because it's an indulgence, but this was worth it.

This week I got the circular out of the Sunday paper and made my list. I had vouchers for 35p off Philadelphia cream cheese - they are currently on sale for £1.16 - so I'm buying it. Carol loves soft cheese and jam sandwiches. I also have saving vouchers for butter, beans and chocolate eggs. I have several points coupons for an extra 200 points plus I have a double points coupons for one transaction. If I play my cards right I should save £11 and receive 460 points.

With the points I have already accumulated thus far I will buy three entry tickets to Legoland - which we are going to next week. So entry will be free (X is under 3 so he goes free).

I think I'm starting to get the hang of this! I'm delighted in saving so much and it's actually an interesting challenge for me. I've got to spend more time following up with other bloggers to see how they are faring.

I understand that if I head to the butcher this Sunday I should find some great bargains as they try to get rid of the overstock. I'm guessing lamb in various cuts should be at the ready. I'm heading there at 4pm right before they close to check it out.

Any other hints?


  1. well done on the clubcard points and couponing,
    i only seem to get sent online bonuses and ive not shopped online in years,
    Dont thing anywhere will be open on sunday,its the one day they have to close(Easter sunday)

  2. I was interested to read about the Tesco club card and your great efforts with couponing. We are looking to move to the UK in about 18 months to 2 years. I live in Australia and we hardly ever get supermarket coupons. It's good to know that they are available in the UK.

  3. do your butcher do cheap cuts just before closing? I don't know if ours do, or if they just save them for the better (more regular) customers - or maybe I just time it wrong - I sometimes get there just as they've emptied out the counter!


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