Saturday, 14 April 2012

Little Effort - BIG payoff

It was time to buy bunk beds for the kids. I had to get rid of the toddler bed for Carol and the baby cot for Al. He is 2 1/2 and was itching for a big-boy bed. They share a room, which is not large so bunks were really my only option.

Bunks are expensive. Ikea seemed like it was going to be my only option but I didn't like any of the beds. I had to have rails on top and bottom bunks on all four sides. Al is still a little guy and not used to sleeping in a bed at all - I was worried he'd fall out or get wedged between the mattress and the wall (hey, I'm a mom - I'm paranoid).

We went and priced bunks around town - astronomical. But I saw a bunk set I really, really loved at John Lewis. The price tag: £875 without mattresses (they are startling expensive as well £80+) and not including shipping. No way was I going to pay that. I looked at the name brand, wrote down the model number and went home.

I googled it and found out who the manufacturer was - they are out of Poland. So I emailed to see if they sell the beds, perhaps under a different brand name than the John Lewis version and they do. They have an online store on eBay.

I went to the eBay store and there were the same bunks WITH foam mattresses for £270 INCLUDING shipping. They came with a 2 year warranty and a guarantee that they would take them back if damaged, etc. We ordered them. They came, it took Eddie a little while to assemble them. The kids were in heaven. They look amazing and everyone is very, very happy.

So instead of shelling out over £1,000 for a set of new, quality, good looking bunks, I got them under a third of the price at £270. Just because I did a little research (which cost nothing).

What do you think? Aren't they lovely  - they are not our actual bunks but the exact same - including the two drawers underneath.


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