Monday, 24 September 2012

Easy, Fast, Cheap and Low-Fat Fettucinni Alfredo

I found this recipe a few months ago online but I can't find the original post to give credit. Sorry about that. However, this recipe has made my life much, much happier. It's for rich creamy fettucini alfredo - the kids love it, my husband loves it and most of all, it's really low in fat. As an added bonus - it's really easy and cheap.

You need a blender or food processor (or a strong arm for whisking) but other than that, it's a snap.

Guiltless Alfredo Sauce

2 C low-fat milk
1/3 C ) low fat cream cheese (soft cheese like Philadelphia cream cheese)
2-3 T flour
1 t salt
1 T butter
3 garlic cloves
1 C grated Parmesan cheese

Place milk, cream cheese, flour, and salt in a blender/food processor and blend until smooth.  This is key! If you skip the sauce can come out grainy or chunky.

In a non-stick sauce pan, melt butter on med-high heat and add garlic. Let the garlic saute for about 30 seconds, you don’t want to burn it.

Then add milk mixture to the pan. Stir constantly for about 3 or 4 minutes or until it just comes to a simmer. Keep stirring and let it cook for a few minutes more. It should be much thicker now.
When it’s nice and thickened remove the pan from the heat. Add the cheese, stir it up and then cover immediately. Let stand for at least 10 minutes before using. It will continue to thicken upon standing. Also, if you have leftovers in the fridge, the sauce will thicken almost into a solid. Just re-heat and add a little milk and it will be back to normal again.

I like to add sliced ham and peas to the mix before I pour over pasta.

It is a serious crowd pleaser.

Also, you can use it for the following:

-Over pasta (obviously)
-As a dip for
breadsticks, crackers, vegetable crudite
-As a sauce on pizza
-Mix it with pesto for a creamy pesto sauce (YUMMY)
-Mix it with marinara for a creamy marinara sauce

Its' really versatile. Give it a go and let me know your thoughts.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Bad Blogger

I've been an awful blogger! Awful. I wanted to document this year of frugality and have failed miserably. Part of the reason is Al wasn't in school. I've got him in nursery now which frees up some of my time - finally. So I thought I could get back into the blog.

I'm sure I've lost all my followers but if you're still interested, let me know. I'll get back on track this week! Have much to share!