Monday, 16 April 2012

Great no-sew scarves you can make today without buying anything!

I saw this scarf on Pinterest which is my new obsession. Honestly, I look at this site and pick things I love, pin them on a board and then go revisit to dream and bask in their loveliness! It calms me and inspires. I've picked out my dream home and I'm in the process of picking the perfect rooms to go inside. I'll probably never own it, but I'm certainly having fun with it.

Regardless, I digress. I saw this scarf and wanted it. Then I noticed the url below for The DIY Dish - a great website I am now also addicted to! It's all crafty things that I love.

I watched the video on how to make this scarf and two other scarves without sewing, without buying anything. It takes seconds, is simple and I'm totally charmed. Here is the video to learn how to create this and other scarves from old T-shirts!! WITHOUT sewing - you could make one, or two, or three today. They make great gifts and are just beautiful

Here's another version that I'm making. I have to buy the little pom=pom rick-rack but then I'm golden. I already have fabric glue so The blue one is currently drying and waiting for me to wear it!

Try it and let me know what you think.

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