Monday, 19 November 2012

A Year of Saving

We're eleven months in with our savings year and it's been incredibly difficult. We haven't used the credit card since March (we had to buy tickets) but we've paid it off. Being credit free is a serious challenge. But it is making me into a much more money conscience person - which is a good thing.

What is the most difficult is seeing something I want, not need, but not buying it because I do not have the cash. another reason is not wanting to spend good money on something I do not need. It's cut down my impulse buying considerably.

I've also become a huge fan of the pound shop and charity shops. I've had some great finds at both of these. I belong to a women's social club and I've bought many things from other members who've advertised on our website. I've even sold a bunch of things through it and eBay.

Another thing that has changed dramatically for me is cleaning. I never cleaned. I hated it. I had a housecleaner who came once a week and cost a fortunre. I cut that expense out and just got down to it. I have different rooms/tasks for each day of the week. Here's a small sample:

Monday: clean bathroom and kitchen counters: mop both floors. Do all laundry
Tuesday: vaccum entire flat and dust all shelves in lounge, clean kitchen appliances
Wednesday: Clean bedrooms and wipe down all bedroom furniture
Thursday: Walk house cleaning fingerprints off everything vaccum entire flat
Friday: Windows and mirrors! mop kitchen and bathroom.
Saturday: relax
Sunday: maintenance on whatever needs doing.

It really works for me. And I have developed a love of cleaning. Well, maybe not a love, but the feeling of really going at something and making it sparkle is truly satisfying. I attack my oven (cooker) with toothbrushes, microcloths, toothpicks and scrub brushes. It gleams! I really love that. Before I never even noticed if it was clean or not!

My next battle is organisation. I need to wrangle the toys in this place. They are out of control. Any tips?

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