Thursday, 2 February 2012


I've been reading up on how to save money and came across a few American sites that are very  much into extreme couponing. First, when did the word 'coupon' (that's voucher to the UK folks) become a verb? Ridiculous, but I digress. These men and women are serious, serious money savers - most started out of necessity, many now are so addicted to a bargain they won't shop full retail again. Good for them.

While couponing is not really an option here, although I have been doing a little, they have taught me one valuable lesson: stockpiling. One major source, a woman named Joni Meyer Crothers is challenging people to stockpile enough food to last three months. There's more to it on her blog, but this is my takeaway: when items I use daily or often go on offer - snap them up. Store them, and wait for the next sale to buy them again.

Granted I cannot stockpile three months worth of groceries in this flat, but I can certainly try! So Morrisons has had half off all baby products for over a week - and it continues until next week. My husband works next door to a huge Morrisons and twice a week he has gone in a picked up diapers at half off. Wipes too. We have enough for three months (or thereabouts). yay!

Right now Tesco has Cheerios on sale for £1 a box. It's usually £2.16 a box - that's more than half off. We have bought 8 boxes and will buy at least two more. That will last at least two months! Best part - all have been paid for with Tesco vouchers that I have been saving. So they have essentially cost us nothing. Double yay!

I'm so inspired now to do more. We still have not used the credit cards and I have just paid the second big payment on them. They are almost paid off now. Three more months and we're in the clear.

I've been keeping well within my £50 a week grocery bill. I think I'm getting the hang of it!


  1. that's tremendous. stock piling is a good idea but i have had some set backs with regard to cereal and my teenager. i have stockpiled and then he has gone off them and i have been left with boxes - so caution with children - adults are more reliable

  2. I also think stockpiling when items are on offer is a good idea but then you have to be in really good control of what you have in your pantries and not let food expire etc...
    Jsut found your blog googling PF sites by the way :-)


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