Sunday, 27 November 2011

Al Turning 2!

I've been running around like mad this week. I've got all my gifts for teachers, priest and others all sorted. I picked up a pack of 50 cute Christmas cards for my daughter to start signing cards for her class of 29 students. They cost £1 from the pound shop.

I was out trawling the Kilburn High Street and discovered Iceland today. Not the country - the grocery. I LOVE it there. My son's second birthday party was yesterday and I needed to find nibbles for 8 adults and 7 children. I picked up a 60 pieces hor d'oevres set with lamb kebabs, chicken roll ups and pork balls with sweet chili dipping sauce for £5. That's  for the adults. And the kids are getting hotdogs which cost me $3 for 16 plus buns, grapes, cucumbers and carrots.

As the party favour I found a pack of 10 sporty pencils with fancy erasers (footballs, monsters) for £1, and a 12 pack of candy canes also £1. I had some large mason jars and filled them with chocolate chip cookie dry mix. With a ribbon I tied the instructions to make the cookies, a pencil and a candy cane. You can find the mix here.

I'm doing  a lucky dip and picked up £1 packets of goodies for the kids to pull out of a decorated cardboard box. I bought packs of party themed plates and balloons all for £1 each. The entire party  cost £27 for everything. Why spend more if I don't have to?

The cake I baked from scratch but cheated on the icing as I had enough to do for one day. I bought two tins of icing for $1.50 each. I decorated it myself as well.  It's pictured above. What do you think?

Everyone loved it, the kids had a wonderful time and I can now go and put my feet up until the next one. Only seven months to plan Carol's fifth birthday. I won't get away with a $27 party at home for her so I better put my creative thinking cap on!


  1. Lovely cake, hope the party went well.

  2. The birthday cake is a work of art. Happy Birthday Al, you have a very creative mum!
    Love from Mum

  3. Happy Birthday Al! Thanks for popping over to my's a pleasure to meet you! You have given me some great ideas for homemade gifts too. I look forward to getting to know you better. Sue x x


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